Water Filtration & Testing

Many consumers want Water Filtration & Testing of their well or municipal water for contaminants and impurities. Without having your water tested, it can be difficult to determine whether you actually need a water treatment system or what type of system would be best for you.

Good drinking water quality is something that many of us take for granted. Because water quality can vary depending upon where you live, it’s important to know where your drinking water supply comes from and if it contains any impurities that could pose a health risk.

Whether you want to learn more about choosing a water treatment system, find out where you can get information about your tap water quality or discover what you can do to protect the quality of your drinking water supply, Reliable Basement And Drain can help.

It can be challenging to determine what type of testing to do on your well or municipal water and the costs can add up. It may be helpful to visit your local health department’s environmental health division to ask for information on what has been typically found in groundwater in your area. Some typical testing1 may include Coliform bacteria, Nitrate/nitrite, Arsenic, Hardness, Volatile organic chemicals, Metals, Inorganic chemicals.