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Reliable Basement Services | Basement Drain

Did you know that 85% of newly built homes with basement drain will experience a water problem within the first three years? With this fact in mind, even if you are one of the lucky few who have never had to experience a damp basement, why take the risk of basement waterproofing yours now!
To install a basement waterproofing system in your home has never been easier, we’re considering that basement waterproofing solutions have come a long way in the past several years. There are a lot of different waterproofing systems available now. We know that when you have plumbing problems, you need an affordable plumber right away. That’s why we provide prompt, professional residential and commercial plumbing services that accommodate your budget. We also offer 24/7 emergency response.
From clogged sink drains to broken water mains, Ohio waterproofing, can tackle any commercial or residential plumbing job also from interior to exterior basement waterproofing such as sump pumps, drain tile, and dehumidifiers that can be installed outside your home to direct water away from your foundation. So for Affordable Basement Waterproofing Cleveland Ohio feel free to Contact Us rather than to do it yourself basement waterproofing.


BASEMENT WATERPROOFING CLEVELAND OHIO specializes in basement waterproofing, foundation repair and basement finishing. We use patented, safe and 100% effective foundation methods that can be used on foundations consisting of poured concrete, block, brick, stone, red clay tile plus crawl spaces and slabs. So contact Basement Waterproofing Cleveland for all your basement needs! BASEMENT WATERPROOFING CLEVELAND
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Jack & Michelle Mahar

Jack & Michelle Mahar Amherst, OH

They give you an estimate, they stick with that estimate, when they say they’re gonna be here they are here. They go above and beyond and they’re excellent at what they do. I couldn’t have been more pleased with Reliable…. they’re top-notch people, from the top to the bottom.

Have Issues Like These?

Basement Flooding

Burst pipes, sudden downpours, a copious amount of melting snow, broken gutters, a malfunctioning sump pump, leaky windows, damaged foundation, sudden removal of large trees near your home…there are many reasons how water can flood your basement. Water flows downhill into the lowest areas and it can make its way through even the smallest cracks and openings.

Sump Pump Failure

If you have a sump pump it’s because you’re already aware of what water damage can do to your home. But if that sump pump fails at a bad time, you’re back to square one. Water isn’t being pumped out so it collects with the potential for flooding. Basement Waterproofing Cleveland Ohio.

Moldy, Musty Appearance?

In an unfinished basement, water can turn your basement walls and floor unsafely ugly. A loose mineral salt, called efflorescence, is caused by humidity and looks like a white powdery substance. It not a danger but can be a constant problem if there is humidity. Chipped paint is caused by humidity too, where moisture goes through porous basement walls and puts pressure on the paint from the inside.