Free Inspections

Free Inspections include basement and plumbing inspections if you own the home. We will see what’s going on, give you a quote for the fix and tell you what we find. Generally, there is a service charge if you just want a plumbing inspection, maybe you don’t have anything going on, but you just want all us to take a look at your plumbing to make sure nothing is going on. However, sometimes we will wave this fee if we find something going on and you want us to fix that – it typically will depend on the situation. We also offer free inspections for water problems, such as water in your yard.

Paid Inspections

We offer video inspections as one of our paid inspection services. We can use video inspections for things such as a storm sewer and this charge is for the video equipment that we will be utilizing for the inspection.

What Types of Pipes Need Video Inspection?

Video inspection is generally used for sanitary sewer inspections or storm water inspection. By conducting video inspections, we are looking for breaks in pipes, tree roots in pipes, collapsed pipes, whether they are open and flowing or is there something stopping the flow.

Our technology has the ability to locate the pipes for us. It can tell us where they are, how deep they are, and this really eliminates any guess work. We can pinpoint the pipes and we will tell you exactly where they are located and where the problem is located. This technology also gives us the ability to minimum the damage to your yard or other property that can come along when digging to find pipes.


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