Pictured above a new technology example: Thermal Imaging camera help detect water leaks and pipe locations in walls and floors. It can also be used to detect leaking shower trays, leaking veranda membranes, rising damp, building heat lose around windows and doors.

 What can you expect from the plumbing industry in today’s world!? Today’s Plumbing Industry Technologies to Consider When Choosing a Plumber? How will technology, your competition, customer expectations, and data influence the industry in the next year? When the right plumbing, drainage and foundation waterproofing expert in Northeast Ohio, it is helpful to know how the best contractor’s today run their business using new technology. Firms like Reliable Contractor Services and sister company Reliable Hydro Excavation Services aka Reliable Basement & Drain, LLC.

You can’t rely on low pricing to differentiate yourself from the competition

Today, you can’t rely on low pricing to differentiate yourself from the competition. Customer demographics are changing and people have what is called a Google/Amazon mentality. Meaning that if Google suggests it or you get it cheap and fast like Amazon, it must be good. This will devastate any company’s ‘book of business’ because the customer just pops back online to get services from whoever is available. They often rely simply on price and convenience. This is great for buying shoes but bad for the legitimate service providers who do quality work.

If you can’t find a way to earn a customer’s loyalty, this could mean that individual contractors will need to make huge price cuts in order to get the jobs necessary to survive and that employees will suffer the trickle down of low profits in today’s environment, don’t be an estimator or order taker. Be an educator. Be a partner. Take the time to answer questions, explain what it all means, what needs to happen, and exactly what the outcomes are that can be expected. Reliable Contractor Services thrives to be an educator to it’s customers in the Cleveland, Ohio area.

Building that simple trust that you are someone who can be relied upon, takes price out of the equation.

If you can’t find a way to earn a customer’s loyalty, this could mean that individual contractors will need to make huge price cuts in order to get the jobs necessary to survive and that employees will suffer the trickle down of low profits. Tech companies entering the residential service arena, like Amazon and Google, will create a wider gap between lower quality commodity service and true experts. There will be a greater gap in costs between unlicensed contractors, the commodity middle tier and the high end, service driven contractor.”

In the past, customers wanted to choose between repair and replacement, but now, people are more focused on repairs, When they are replacing they’ll be more cautious. Ken Weaver, President at Reliable Basement & Drain, LLC, “We don’t force customers to buy anything they don’t need and we have to improve our services to make sure the customer is happy. The customers hold a higher standard and expectation from us.”

Technology gives you new ways to stand out from the competition

Customers are using technology more and more in their daily life and anything you can do to align your business with that trend will put you ahead of the game. Send customers your quote/invoice while you still have their attention and you’re more likely to get hired/paid quickly. Show them that their time is important to you and they are more likely to respect yours in turn. With new technology coming out every day, and more technology built into all of our devices, there may be more opportunity to provide service or support without ever going to your customer’s site. Evaluate if you have opportunities to remotely diagnose (and ensure you have the right parts with you) OR remotely troubleshoot and resolve issues without a trip out to the customer’s site. Both of these will help to improve your profitability.

Get online to connect with new customers

Customer expectations have changed a lot. The post-recession customer is more technology-driven, they will go online, get 2-3 quotes, and check reviews. Today, the focus is on building your online reputation, online reviews, and connect with younger customers on social media.

Google is making moves towards a closed ecosystem, where eventually you won’t need to leave their site to make decisions on who to hire. You can see this already with restaurants. You can check out restaurants, read reviews, look at a menu and reserve all from Google. Why even bother having a website if you can ask your phone which restaurant you should go to? Home Services is another vertical that should begin to see exactly the same treatment. With their focus on Home Services Ads (now Local Services Ads), we can also see that Google is moving to all AdWords (now called Google Ads) for many key category searches. It’s entirely possible that within the next few years that many local searches (plumber, electrician, etc.) are completely paid, particularly on mobile devices. Today you need to get AdWords working for you, before your competition jumps on it.”

Reliable Contractor Services provides expert Northeast Ohio residential, commercial, municipal and industrial plumbing, drainage and foundation waterproofing services.

With Over 10,000 customers since 1999, we have a Better Business Bureau A+ rating and are a multiple recipient of the Angie’s List Super Service award. OH license #23730. We also provide new technology solutions in Trenchless Pipe, Sewer Jetting Vacuum Services, and Genera and Hydro Excavation. 24/7 Emergency Services available.
Other services include sewer cleaning and backflow devices, septic tank repair/replacement, water heaters, sump pump and PumpSpy sump pump monitoring system certified installer, video pipe inspection and high pressure jetting.

So consider Today’s Plumbing Industry Technologies When Choosing a Plumber Drain repair or Foundation waterproofing specialist

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